About The Comic

Ithaqa by Michael Watson and Theresa Chiechi.

In Ithaqa, filmmaker and conman, Mookie Smitts, discovers the horrible Eldritch Truth of the cosmos, as a moving picture he is struggling to produce in the 1920’s accidentally uncovers a plot to destroy the Spacetime Continuum.

Ithaqa is a comedy-turned-Lovecraftian horror story, that will appeal to readers who enjoyed HBO’s True Detective, but thought it would be copacetic if it had been set during the roaring 20’s. Readers with an attention for historical detail will appreciate the faithful recreations of the Wharton Silent Film Studios, Cornell University, and underground speakeasies of Ithaca, NY, all used as backdrops for a story that takes place at the beginning of Prohibition and Women’s Suffrage.

Two issues have been successfully funded on Kickstarter!